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Toyota MR2 1/4 Registry
This is the official Site of Toyota MR2 1/4-drag racing times.

~ Driver Profiles ~

Our goal is make this the most accurate and valid 1/4-mile registry
on the Internet, so every attempt possible is made to have verifiable times listed.
MR2OC.com board names appear under the driver's names.

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9-second MR2s

Time MPH 60' Car Turbo Photo Video Owner
9.662 144.92 1.47 91T GT3082     Teddy Jannette
9.727 143.17 1.448 91T GTQ70 burn out   Antonio
9.817 142.36 1.422 93T RX6B Launch Video button Vince Fiore

Legend: NA-Normally Aspirated, SC-SuperCharged, T-Turbo, TC-TwinCharged (T+SC), EV-Electric Vehicle